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The Show

CineVerses is a web series that combines the beauty and abstractness of poetry with the artistic imagery of video, creating an imaginative interpolation of pictures and words. Each episode presents an original short film based entirely on a poem.


Jerry Danielsen is a poet, composer and producer. He is a founding editor of Volume Number Magazine (Vol. No.) and Los Angeles Poets’ Press (LAPP). His other books include: Transmit Love (2011), Spiritual Ennui (2006), Against the Fog (2003), What?!  — The unabridged secret guide to the hidden meaning behind ultimate reality (1983).

Danielsen has also been published in San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Canyon Carvings, Electrum, CQ, Vol. No. and others.

Braddon Mendelson is a filmmaker and an author. He has produced several independent feature films, including Boogie Boy and Inside Edge.  Prior to that, he wrote the screenplay adaptation of Ira Levin’s psychological thriller Veronica’s Room for Hemdale Communications.

He has for written for Sony Television International’s sitcom Ritas Welt (“Rita’s World”),  and has written, produced and/or directed award winning music videos for a variety of top recording artists, including Boyz II Men, Outkast, Bio Ritmo, Enuff Znuff, Xzibit, R. Kelly and Orgy.

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