Marketing to Death

You can have it all,
Obsession, insanity

Get rich instantly
And without effort

Pushed hard from
The shards of expectation

Dining with madness
Eat everything
All the time

Then make us thin

With a barrage of obstacles
Society is our friend
We trust in its tricks
While it lies and distorts

It’s adulterous nature
Is untreatable

We believe in information
And things –

Whatever is beautiful to you –
You’ll be that

Wherever is better –
You’ll be there

Bigger and better

It’s all good at

Click here to find
More places to click on
And get a chance
For the possibility
Of more clicking
Point and click
Pointlessly clicking
Until the point
Is clicking


Impersonal, personal relations
Self-absorbed human resources

We care about you –
We’d love to place our product
In your home
With your family

You’ll look better right away
No matter what

Even though the side effects
Are worse than the problem

It’s chemist and doctor approved
We guarantee you’ll no longer
Do anything for yourself
But you’ll think you are

There’ll be no
Immediate obvious
Superficial problems
Unless you look deep
Into the mirror
And notice the painful
Residue of unsightly
Spiritual decay

Come and get it now!

— Jerry Danielsen

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