“Marketing to Death” (Ep. 3)

An exploration of consumerism and the consumers it consumes.

Poetry and Music Written and Performed by Jerry Danielsen.
Directed, Photographed and Edited by Braddon Mendelson.

Sandy Stotzer
Keeli and Kalia Javan of KikStart

4 thoughts on ““Marketing to Death” (Ep. 3)

  1. Superb!
    I don’t know how or who to send this to for an award recommendation, but, someone should.
    My favorite moment was…. Destinationless!
    The only thing I would say in way of editing is: “Why was I not asked to be an extra?”
    Great job, Jerry and to everyone involved.

  2. Good one Jerry, love the humor but the truth about the junk that’s on TV and other things out there. Hope to see more of your works soon and tell everyone they were great. Your friend Maureen , thx again.

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